Add the device group to the navigation bar at the top of the page

Could we get the device list navigation bar at the top of the page to show each part you click on as the path.

For example when you go to device list>device group>device name, the navigation bar at the top removes /changes the device group so it looks like device list>device name making it very awkward to navigate back to the device group you are working in.

As of right now you have to go all the way back out to devices, wait for it to populate then re-select the group you are working in, wait for it to populate and then the new device. Using the back button on the browser does not always get you what you want especially if you have navigated around a bit.

Hi alphatecsd

 That is one very good input. We have noted this request and we will get in touch with you with our response.

Yes I believe that has been commented on before. The workflow needs to be tweaked. If we have a ticket open with a client we may be logging into a server and a workstation. We have those separated in different device groups to ease the management of server vs workstation profiles. Going back and forth is a pain.

@easterntech50 Thank you for your suggestions to improve our platform. We have forwarded your feature request related to this forum post and we will update you through email.