Add to Comodo Remote Control the ability to switch between Remote Desktop Session

Please add to Comodo Remote Control (CRC) the ability to connect and switch to Remote Desktop Session on the remote machine.


Right now CRC can only control the Local Console Session of a remote machine.
It will be usefull to add the capability to switch between multiple RDS session on the remote machine, like LogMeIn can do.

Hi @sersis ,

We appreciate the recommendation. We will have the team look into this as a feature request.

We will also send you an email for any update or if we need more information to help you with this.

@Jordan_C From chats with developers, I believe this is by design, and I have a related question about notifications appearing for all RDS users when I connect to the host. Your internal ticket number is CS-11496. Please keep me updated on @sersis request, too.

Hi @sersis @nct

I am not sure if I understood the request right. Are you asking for different connection types like VNC, RDP or are you guys looking for an ability to create/join to another user session on the same device?

Hi @Ilker It would seem @sersis would like to have the choice to connect to users’ sessions on the RDS server and not just the host machine. This would be very useful, but I understand the current ITSM design can’t support this.

Hello @sersis,

Good day. Our development team would like to confirm that the issue is to connect to users under RDS server (old Terminal Server)?

Hello @nct,

Good day. Our developers working on the internal ticket mentioned would like to request for the screenshot of the notifications appearing for all RDS users when I connect to the host.

Thank you

@sersis@nct hello,

We are looking forward to hearing from you regarding the items mentioned by Samuel above for further investigation.

Meanwhile, RDS support is positioned as Mid Term item on Remote Control’s roadmap. It can always be prioritized as more demand is generated for the support.


Product Manager, Remote Control

Hello to all.

The request is exactly like NCT has said, that is to have the possibility to connect to the various sessions of the various users connected to the RDP server.
The ideal would be to connect to the console and then have a drop-down menu that lists the sessions of the various users (showing the username) so you can switch from one session to another.

Hello @sersis,

We have informed our development team regarding with the additional information that you have shared.

Thank you.