Add unrecognized file notice

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how can we add notification to admin of system found unrecognized file?


Hi @yu.jasper
We moved your post here in the Automation Scripts sub-forum to inquire from the script developers if this is possible through some sort of custom monitoring script. Let us wait for their response and act accordingly afterwards.

Hi @yu.jasper

We will analyze and update you shortly.

Why should this be a script adding more and more load to the clients computers???
Why can this not be a simple monitor we can apply to the portal, and when the file is detected and reported as normal it alerts us?

I only ask as we are finding to monitor and do our job the client needs a minimum of I7 8GB SSD just to use MS Word.

Hi @StrobeTech
We consulted with the script developers first to check if this doable (within reason) within the existing ITSM build. If not then we will proceed with a feature request to add such functionality.

Hi @yu.jasper @Rick_C @StrobeTech

Please refer the script to get an alert for the unrecognized files added in containment or application control.

Let us know your feedback

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Interesting script…
But what are the required parameters for this to be run?

Every 1 min???

This is something that all the scripts in the library need to have added to them, as if you run too many scripts too often you will cripple a device and not help your clients.
Can we have these details for this script and then look at updating the entire library to have the details listed on each script as this will help dramatically.


Hi @StrobeTech

Glad to meet you. We really appreciate your feedback and clarifications.

In this custom monitoring script, you could configure monitoring period as required for you since the script will alert you to the details covering events that had happened in the last monitoring period. For best practices, you could configure this monitoring to run at every hour.

We are not suggesting monitoring period while delivering custom scripts unless required, leaving it to be configured by requesters. We will start updating monitors with details suggesting monitoring periods for best practices.

Looking forward to hear from you

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Hi @mkannan

thank you for coming back to me on this, and I’m glad to hear we are going to see best practices coming soon.