Adding a new User to ITSM

When adding a new user to ITSM, I first got to Management, Customer and create the customer. Then after that I go to ITSM, Users, User list, create User and in the drop down where it says “Company”, I am expecting to show the company that I previously created. It does not show. Am I doing something wrong or is the software buggy? Any help is appreciated.

Hello Raul,

We understand how this can be challenging. When you create a new customer on the ITSM portal it should appear under ITSM>Device List as a listed company, normally at the bottom of the list if you have already created customers previously. Upon creating a user under user list you will have an option to choose the company you created and after successfully creating the user an email notification will be received. The effect should be real time. Please log out and reload your ITSM portal to check if the new information is appearing. You can use the quick actions button to create a new customer as well. Please give us your feedback after doing so.

Jimmy, thank you for your help. I just find it frustrating when something does not work. I believe that the application might be buggy in some respect unless there is a limit to the number of customers you can add.
I removed the customer, logged off and then logged back on. I then used the Quick Actions button as you recommended to re-add the customer and it still does not show in the Device List. Is there a limit to the number of Devices or Customers the device list?