Adding email address to ServiceDesk

Hi, just posting in case anyone else had this problem and was able to fix it.

When I set up a new email, (I want my users to be able to open tickets by email) I get the error “error update email! try again.” whenver I try to enable inbound mail. Doesn’t matter if IMAP or POP, SSL or not. I try a bunch of things including using an IP instead of a hostname, reset the password, turned off the firewall on the cpanel server just in case Comodo’s IP had been blocked for too many failed passwords, etc. but no luck.

I did open a ticket with support about it and they are escalating it, but in case there is a workaround someone else has found I thought I’d post here.

Bless those support guys for putting up with me this weekend trying to get set up on the C1 platform. Some of them my mistakes, some of them I think bugs…

Hello @indieserve

Thank you for your post.
We will get back to you once we will have an answer to this case.