Adding Licenses

I’m trying to figure this. I have a bunch of clients who want Managed AV and I wish to use AEP as my AV of choice. When I need to add a license I think I do the following

  1. Click on the green button at the top of the portal that says “License Options”
  2. Click “Upgrade Now” under the premium license option
  3. Click “Buy Now”.

This will give me the per month pricing I was told by my sales rep and give me a license key.

Then I go to Add license and enter the key I was given, and allocate it to a client.

Is that correct?

@Fred ,

That is correct, for your reference you can utilize this helpful guide in managing licenses If you have purchased the license from CAM ( you will need to enter the key as described. If from the EM portal, you do not have to add it manually, it will be automatically added and will appear under EM portal> License management.

Ok Jimmy,

This is totally different from what I see. I log into my RMM tool and go down to License Managment.

@Fred ,

The picture above pertains to purchasing licenses for AEP on CAM. On the other hand, Once you purchased licenses on your RMM Tool, the license key will be added automatically as stated on your initial outlined steps.

  1. Click on the green button at the top of the portal that says “License Options”
  2. Click “Upgrade Now” under the premium license option
  3. Click “Buy Now”.

Ok thanks Jimmy. Now to wait for my sales rep to get back to me about pricing. He quoted me a price per month but when I went into these steps it didn’t give me the same price. I wonder if my account is not set up yet.

Hi @Fred

There are three main ways of getting licenses.

  1. Purchase via the portal which auto places them into your account, but normally is a bit more expensive.

  2. Purchase via Comodo distributor like us.

  3. Purchase via Comodo direct. I believe direct is mainly for USA and possibly will be phased out to stay with distributors.

If you need help with pricing, please let me know.

@ece.isel is correct as in Portal or CAM.

Buying direct means you purchase via CAM and pay inside CAM.

From a distributor you pay them and they give you a code and link that adds it to your CAM setup.

​​​​​​​Anything you buy in CAM needs to be added to Itarian under licenses so you can assign it.

This is really confusing for me right now, and I think I might just stay with BitDefender. I was told that my price would be 1.12 per unit per month. Now I get my link for the 8 licenses I asked to start with and it says "

  • Advanced Endpoint Protection Premium Edition (1-99) (8 Users) at discounted price of $8.88 for 1 months

    * Discounted price is valid for the first 1 months of service. After 1 months the product will be renewed at the full price of

So now my discount is only for 1 month. In which case it's far more expensive to do it this way than to stay with BitDefender.

By the way, I found out it’s through CAM not iTarian

Hi @Fred

Ill drop you a PM on prices

Same here the licencing seems more than a little strange… the prices within my Itarian console do not relate in any way to the prices quoted elsewhere… for now we have about 40 clients on CCS but the majority are still using Eset until the licencing issues are a little more transparent.

Hi @Ed_Johnson

I have a call with @Fred later to explain in detail the process and clear all this up as this is a constant theme on the forum.
I’ll also PM you some details to help.