Adding mobile devices

Can anyone tell me what advantages there are to adding an android or iPhone to Itarian? I’m not really sure what advantages it has. I have a few phones where I want to monitor and/or block access to inappropriate sites. I’m also just interested in general what I can do with a phone on itarian. Thank you

To start with @jmock, a few scenarios where enrolling ‘smart phones / tablets / devices’ in the Endpoint Manager (EM) would be to the benefit of the MSP are:

  • tablets in a school laboratory
  • company-issued phones / tablets (like used by truckers)
  • specialized POS ‘devices’
  • warehouse ‘tablets’

Thanks. I’ll restate my question. What benefits would the MSPs get by enrolling devices in those environments?

Here’s a summary of what MDM can provide on handhelds:

  • Device info and inventory
  • Antivirus/Antimalware for mobile devices
  • Remotely install apps on mobile devices
  • Whitelist/Blacklist Apps to restrict which apps can be used – including allow/block certain “native” apps
  • Run antivirus scans remotely and manage items identified as malware
  • Sound an alarm (Siren) on mobile devices
  • Send custom text messages to mobile devices
  • “Sneak Peek” – takes and sends a picture from the mobile device camera
  • Device location, or last known location if GPS is switched off
  • Remotely wipe mobile devices – either corporate (profile + data) or full factory reset
  • Set and reset mobile device lock-screen passcodes
  • Remotely lock mobile devices
  • Enable/Disable Bluetooth, Allow/Block device discovery via Bluetooth, Bluetooth pairing, outgoing calls, Bluetooth tethering, connection to desktop or laptop via Bluetooth, data transfer
  • Enable/Disable Camera
  • Enable/Disable Wi-Fi and push specific Wi-Fi connection settings
  • Network restrictions - Allow emergency calls only, allow/block: roaming voice, sync and data usage, USB tethering, Wi-Fi access point settings editing, user from adding Wi-Fi connections
  • DNS Filtering – web browsing policies to blocks categories, protects against web-based attacks while browsing (and links in emails) - requires Dome/VPN.
  • Turn GPS always on or off, or allow user to choose
  • Require passcode/password: minimum length, max idle time before screen lock, max failed attempts before device wipe, max failed attempts before “Sneak Peek”, max Password age and history
  • Browser restrictions - Allow or block pop-ups, JavaScript, cookies, form data saving for later use, fraud warning settings
  • Push email account set-ups, ActiveSync settings and VPN settings
  • Create Kiosk profiles – only allows certain apps, hides navigation and system bar, allows for an admin override password to unlock and use as an ordinary device.
  • Other restrictions – Allow/block USB, microphone, Near Field Communication (NFC), mock locations, SD card, SD card write, screen capture, clipboard, Backup My data, visible passwords, USB debugging, factory reset by user, Over-The-Air upgrade.