Adding Users Pre-Deployment


Just wondering if there is a solution in which I can add all of the potential users to C1 without sending out welcome e-mails. I would like to assign profiles, roles, and devices prior to getting everyone tooling around inside of the program. Is there a silent addition, in single creation or bulk creation? I feel like I’ve seen something- but cannot get eyes on it again.

Thank you for any tips or tidbits.

Hello @gpurdy897
In the upcoming update to the C1 platform this August 11 (Saturday), a new method of adding users to the ITSM will be made available. You will be able to import a CSV file which contains details of the users that you plan to add in the ITSM. (Take note, this method will only become available after the update has been deployed this Saturday.)

For roles, you can set a custom role in advance. With the upcoming new method above, the newly added users will be assigned to the chosen company and role (see the linked wiki guide above).

Assigning a profile as a default can be set up also in advance even before users are added in the ITSM. Any endpoint you enroll will be automatically assigned a default profile (based on OS platform).