Additional endpoints price - contact?


We currently have 50 endpoints and would like to extend that to 150. We’re not interested in any additional Comodo products. Antivirus didn’t work for us well and Dome wasn’t performing as expected. We need these extra endpoints to connect to computers we look after. All what we require is unattended access to those PC’ after hours. This has nothing to do with the virus situation. We know we can get Zoho ar AnyDesk for peanuts but having already deployed 50 points, we’re trying to save time. Who do we contact please?

@StrobeTech is the guy you need.

@westmind contact rather than the username above.

Thank @nct

Took a while for me to get online as the forum was not allowing us access for some reason, but we back online now!

Hi @westmind

We can certainly help with the above requirement.
I’ll send you a PM about it so we can start getting you up and running.