Admin Console can only connect, when computer is logged in.

I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem?? I have been installing the agent+patch management on some systems at several different locations. When I open the admin console, the System Inventory says it is loading, and goes no further. I can go to the computer, log in with a local account, and BOOM, works as I expect. I thought this issue was fixed in the latest release, unless I missed something.

looks like a bug. We will check it out.

I’ve this software on multiple devices and do not have this problem. Are you using the latest July release?

Yes, did not start putting it on any systems, until August. I have put it on about 20-30 workstations now, and it happens on all of them, as far as I can tell. I had an agent on the phone the other day, and showed them the issue, so I am sure they will get me all sorted out.

ok, great. I am sure it is already escalated but as Budda said, it is not expected behavior. So, let us investigate.

Was there another release, after the July 29th release?? Maybe I missed a release.


No, there has been no major release.

We are doing bug releases almost every week on different modules. We made one bug release on previous Monday for RMM.

We will have another one for C1 portal, Service Desk, Patch Management and RMM until mid next week as well.

Thanks for providing feedback as a guide to us. Your inputs help us create better product for every one and let us improve ourselves constantly.

I downloaded a new installer, same issue. I will try to get some more info, when I get a minute. Anything specific you need?? I had initially thought that it had something to do with the share, as it said it could not retain some properties, when transferred to the NAS. So I downloaded a new agent on a couple computers, same issue, works fine if a user is logged in but can not access if no user logged in. I can contact the system though; if I am the one who logged them out and done it remotely, but not if they log out, or I reboot remotely.


Could you please email with the RMM Agent Service version? You can get the complete version if on the endpoint you browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\COMODO\Rmm Agent Service and open unit_manager.cfg with Notepad. The only line there should contain information pointing to the existing RMM agent version.

OK, sent, but the version number is

Thank you for providing the agent version.
We have escalated the issue.

This issue seems to be resolved, I can not pull system info, but it will now open the remote desktop side and let me log in, which I could not do before. Thanks

we are here to always listen to you and solve any issues you may have and even build new features for you…glad to be of service to you guys :wink: