Admin Portal & Itarian Remote Control App Security hardening.

Hello All,

With MSP’s getting hacked left, right and centre, and RMM tools being used as an attack vector for ransomware, hardening security of the tools we use to administer client infrastructure is important, now more than ever.
With the exception of 2FA/MFA (which we implemented when it became available), what other security hardening options are available for the Admin Portal and Itarian Remote Control app? What other security methods (specific to Itarian) are people using?

Can we lock admin portal and remote control access to only certain IP’s? If not, is there a plan to enable this and if so, what is the ETA?
Are there any other options being proposed? (i.e. notifications when a previously unknown IP logs in, approval required through mobile app when logged in from a new IP etc.)

Can others suggest any other ideas that would be practical and yet make us all sleep better at night?

Hello @Hello-I-T ,

You are totally right, nowadays as ITarian team we are working on adding new security levels to our platform.
First we will be adding IP restriction and then we will add additional 2FA methods. They will be completed until June.

And yes if anyone has any other suggestions about this topic it would be great to improve our products with your feedback…

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Thanks for the response @Elif Ayhan Kurt

That sounds great, while it may seem paranoid to implement more than the one method, one can never be too careful.

Ideally we would love an option where we can restrict IP range and send mobile app notification to approve login every time, probably in addition to the existing MFA.