Advanced Reporting

Hello everyone,

As ITarian, we recently started a new initiative to provide you advanced reporting capabilities, where you will be able to find numerous amount of prebuilt reports, such as real-time hardware inventory, patch compliance, risk assets and threats, and much more.

We have been developing it for quite some time, and continue to improve day by day. Soon, we will also introduce seamless customization options, where you will be able to create your own reports which will have the data that you want.

Now, we would like to announce that new reporting options will be made available for the customers who want to try it out.

Please let us know if you are interested, and new reporting will be enabled on your accounts as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Product Management Team

Id be interested in taking a look at the new reporting features please.

Hi @ilgazy

I’m interested please enable

Also interested. What information do we need to provide?

Please add me as well, be nice to run reports for clients with useful information as the prebuilt current ones are lacking details and not worth generating.


I’m interested please enable

Me too thanks


how long before this feature is enabled if we request it? I have had no feedback and still nothing is available on our dashboard

Will there be a prebuilt QBR style report? Something that shows the overall health of the clients group?
Server Uptime
Server Disk space utilization
Server Patch Status
Asset Inventory
Network Health (threats, detections, etc)

Would be nice if I could have a report like this to email to my clients each quarter so they have an overall view of their site.

Id be interested to check them out if you can enable them for me as well.

Very much interested. What information do I need to provide?

+1 to try this out! Thanks!

Hello @Ed_Johnson, @Marveltec, @david.brown, @mcfproservices, @ilker_sert, @datalink, @minntech, @rudym12,

We have enabled Reports Beta, please check and provide your feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hi @PremJK,

Regarding the other reporting-topic: see link.
Can you tell when we can expect the basic reports working?

@PremJK How can I check the report?

@PremJK “I am not authorized to do this.”

OK, I can get reports now.
What about the other hardware spec. such as graphic card, NIC, Motherboard.

Hello @ilker_sert ,

Detailed hardware information will be provided within the next iterations. Also, we are working on a fully customizable version so that you will be able to create your own reports, with the data that you need.

We will be sharing any news about the timeline directly from here.

Best regards,

Hello @ilgazy
I am very happy for this news. I look forward to seeing the report.

Kind regards,

Where do I find it, I don’t have anything under reports.


Hi @rudym12,

You can get the reports from Dashboard => Reports => Reports Beta

Kind Regards,