AEP for MSP?


Is there a free license for the AEP for us MSP’s? Or should I buy one when my 30 day trial goes out? =)

Hi @Noiden
Please do contact for more details about AEP licenses and subscriptions.

Hi @Damon C

Where can I see how long time I have left on my trial of AEP?

Hello @Noiden,

You may view the time left on your AEP trial by logging into your Comodo License Account (CAM) using your Comodo One credentials
Hope this answers you query.

Hi @Anna_C ,

Hmm, I don’t have any Trial there, I pushed out the CCS from my ITSM and it installed fine and I can’t find any information about end time in the application or in the account page… Well I have end time on the ITSM Basic tough.

Hi @Noiden ,

You’ll receive a notification in case your AEP subscription is nearly to expire. Please contact for further details. Thank you.