AEP Installation failed

Installation failed (Failed to download
I have received this error on two separate endpoints one of which I was unable to get the AEP to install on. This has been since the update and outage.

Hi @MTekhna,

We will be requesting for some information regarding this issue and send it through email. We will request for the necessary information there and also provide instructions. We appreciate bringing this to our attention.

Thank you.

@MTekhna your partnership success manager can coordinate these concerns with you to resolve them. If you would like to schedule a date/time for a call, please let me know and we can coordinate a call at your convenience.

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I too have experienced this serveral times, and have found that retrying the install works on the 3rd or 4th attempt. I have also attempted to download manually, and found that it is sporadic in whether it works. Its almost like the file exists on some nodes of a web farm, but not on others.

@curatrix_pl would you like to schedule a call to review?

Same here this morning, pushing out from the portal.

Hello @dittoit ,

Thank you for sharing your experience regarding the issue.
Can we know if you still experiencing the issue as of the above posting?

Thank you very much.

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@Jay seemed to push out after 3/4 goes.

@MikePinto I would like to schedule a call with my partnership success manager this week if possible.

@MTekhna please email me directly at to coordinate a call with your partnership success manager.

Mike, we have had several email discussions about arranging a call, and none of them have come to fruition. We arrange a time and date via email, no meeting request is sent, date and time pass, email conversation starts again. I’m not sure at this stage what benefit i will get from a call…

On the whole, there isn’t an awful lot to discuss on the platform as i am comfortably happy with the deployment on the whole. There are (as detailed by a number of people on different threads) a number of outstanding issues, that are being worked on by your developers, and subject to better visibility of what is being worked on (perhaps creating a known bugs page within C1 with frequent updates), the platform just needs to be stabilised following the recent updates and breakages (such as the AEP install failing).