AEP License and Free Service Side by Side

We have a requirement to run the security client on users machines. Some like the concept of Valkyrie and as such wish to purchase the license for it.

When we place the license into the account, is it possible to dictate which Security Clients are licensed, and which ones remain on the free license?

@StrobeTech one for you?

Actually, to paraphrase into something more coherent…

Is there a way to actually assign an AEP license to a group of Customer devices directly, and not to the entire pool of devices held by the MSP

Hi @nct

thanks for bringing this to our attention.

@itsp we are an MSP and Distributor for Comodo and the security products that plug into the ITarian system. We have had many discussions with Comodo about their licensing model and how best to improve it for the MSPs of the world.

This update to the forum is well timed as I’m actually speaking with @melih currently on this topic.

Currently, to answer the question the license is purchased and registered to the end user via the MSP, but the license is just assigned to the pool of licenses for the MSP and a “trust” between us and you is then used to make sure install and track the usage correctly.

i’ll update you with more information and developments I get, but in the mean time feel free to contact me for the best pricing you can get as well great service!


Hi @itsp,

Yes this is possible. You just need to deploy the Comodo Client Security to the device where you want to apply your premium license/s. For example, you purchased a license key that is good for 20 seats. As soon as you added your license key to your Endpoint Manager, your next CCS deployment will use up your premium license/s. And after you maxed out your seats, your next CCS deployment will be the free license/s.

With this, you should be able to choose where to install your premium and your free license/s.

Ezekiel Aquino
Consultant Engineer - Team Lead

Hi @EzekielAquinoCE

Thanks for coming back to us all on this.
Unfortunately in practice it does not work like this at all; and needs some fine tuning.

I have had a good meeting this afternoon about this and will hopefully post some good news and ideas soon. If anyone has any requirements for licensing on how it should work or you want it to work please let me know so these can be placed in the planning pot.

Awesome stuff. So it wont automatically apply to the existing free seats that are deployed? Thanks very much for getting back to me on that!

@StrobeTech, I agree that the license management part really needs improvement. And thanks for being one of the MSPs that contributes great ideas for the development of our platform. We greatly appreciate it.

@itsp, No problem. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Ezekiel Aquino
Consultant Engineer - Team Lead

@EzekielAquinoCE Ideally if the licenses purhcased can be assigned to a particular Customer or even better a user account that would be ideal. With the current setup if a customer purchases 20 licenses and weve only deployed 15 for whatever reason, we then cannot deploy the free version to clients untill those licenses are consumed. Effectively making one customer pay for anothers licenses.

If you could pin the license to a specific customer that would allow MSPs to deploy free and licensed software without having to confirm if licenses are going in the wrong direction. Is this on the road map at all do you know?

Hi @EzekielAquinoCE and @itsp

I’m currently after my meeting drawing up ideas and a plan where Distributors like us have access to a license section of the MSPs portal so this can allow us to populate a key or pool of addresses to your accounts after ordering them.

Once they are in your account the idea is that you can then assign them to a customer / organisation listed within your portal meaning you have full control.

This is a rough outline of the proposal I’m putting together for the dev team, so any suggestions to go into the proposal are welcome!

@itsp, That is the current setup. Yes. We also have a lot of suggestions received from other partners about how to better improve the licensing management of our platform. And you are welcome to send yours as well to Currently, we can’t tell the specific improvements planned for this. But sure there is something they are working on right now. As soon as this improvements are final. You will see a notification from your ITarian portal showing you the complete documentation of the added features.

@StrobeTech, Sounds really good. thank you so much for actively providing us insights and valuable suggestions to keep our platform evolving.

Ezekiel Aquino
Consultant Engineer - Team Lead