Aer you going out of business or something?

All last week and a little before that, I had been calling and emailing the sales and technical support (because no one at sales has answered a phone, voicemail, or email) to figure out a licensing issue. We are on Day 10 of no one answering now. When you get sent to voice mailboxes after letting the phone ring for 30-40 minutes it states the voicemailbox is full at this point and you cannot leave messages. This leads me to question if there is something fundamentally wrong with the company its customers should be aware of? Did everyone walk off the job? Were they raptured at their desks? Was everyone fired? Seriously what the heck is going on?

The support teams are responding I’m not sure what’s going on with the sales team.

Really? I sent an email to and called the support numbers 1.973.396.1232 and 1.973.396.1235 as well as the 800 number 1.888.551.1531 I have emailed, as well. I have gotten no response. I have done all of this again today for the 50th time in 10 days. So someone is asleep at the switch here, either your site has really out-of-date phone numbers that need replacing or no one is answering the phones or emails.

@CTUPC Do you get a support ticket?

No, as no one answers the phone, support goes direct to a voicemail sales rings for about 30 minutes then goes to a voicemail box that is full. Makes it hard to do anything. I would not really be reaching out to support at all if someone in sales was answering.

Strange, I sent an email to support this morning and got an auto-reply with the ticket number, maybe you need to removed from your cache and resend. I’ve never called the support number so I can’t speak to that but support has schedule calls with my team and I with no issues.


Are your tickets more Comodo or ITarian related?
I see you are emailing the Comodo support email. Have you tried reaching out to ITarian Support? I hope this helps!

Sales Phone - 844-220-2223

Support Phone - 877-422-3865