Again: Better/ detailed EM warnings. Untraceable warnings.


Today, I opened the warnings from the portal and saw that malware was detected on a system:

I opened the entry and the only info you get is:

This is still unusable! Please put more info in it: what kind of malware, name of device, etc.

Ok, when following the link, I’m redirected to the following page:

Blocked Threats.

If you see the timestamps: the warning was at: 08/17/2022, 09:31.
But in this report, the last detection was 2022/04/12. 4 months ago…

So can someone please check the links and how warnings can be traced from the portal?
And can the date- and time notation be changed to a uniform notation?

I also didn’t get an email regarding this detection. So I don’t know if something has been changed, but now, the platform is still unreliable and not manageable.

Why is it still not possible to just fix some easy and basic navigational problems?


Hi @ailan

We have escalated this to L3 to investigate the issue and report back.
Once we have information we shall let you know.