Agent installed successfully, cannot remotely access

For the first time, I am unable to remotely access a computer that I have installed the agent on. The device is in my device list. I see it has collected information about the remote computer. I just cannot get Remote Control of the device. I get a message that the specified device isn’t ready. What are my next troubleshooting steps? TIA!

@rocktech ,

What is the status of the device on the Endpoint Manager? (green - online, blue or offline) Can you specify if this is a desktop or laptop? What OS environment? Does the machine have any other AV or security software?

Status of the device is green, the device is a laptop running Windows 10. It does have AV, I believe it has Norton 360 running.

Have you checked @rocktech in Norton 360 if there are any events/logs which included any process related to the Communication Client (by ITarian or formerly CCC)?

Norton and other similar AV systems block Itarian Communication Client / Endpoint Manager so I would start there.