Agent recourse usage

Hi Guys n’ Gals

I was wondering if anyone has the stats around how much recourse the Comodo Communication agent uses, ie. Memory, Disk space, CPU.

Hello @torkekhq,

Memory usage depends on numerous parameters and can differs in different situations. We can provide approximate data:

cmdAgent.exe ~ 15-45 MB (one process per device)
cis.exe ~ 2-2.5 MB for alert mode process (for every logged user) and 20-40 MB for opened some CCS window
cistray.exe ~ 1,2 MB (for every logged user), ~25 MB with active widget
cavwp.exe ~ 5-10 MB, may be increased during the scan (one process per device)
ITSMService.exe ~12 MB (one process per device)
ITSMAgent.exe ~ 5-10 MB (for every logged user)

Please let us know if you still need further assistance or questions. Thank you.

Great information thanks for such detail.

Thank you for this, most excellent dude …