Agents cannot connect

Is RMM down for maintenance? Ive gotten a couple of calls saying agents cannot connect. I didnt get any emails or see anything on the forums.


Yes there is an update on the system. We are going to publish release notes in a few hours.

Your agents should auto update in 2 hours but if you see a problem, you can restart the PC or just kill the RMM process on that PC (Unit.exe and Unitmanager.exe) and than run RMM agent again, it would speed up the update process.

Well. 3 Days later and non of my agents are functioning. Ive restarted two of the machines multiple times for various reasons.


Could you please check if your agents (RMM Clients) are updated or not? the updated version number is 4.27.359542.200. you should see this number on RMM Agent - about menu.

RMM Client Version Check.png