Alerts not creating tickets.

I am testing a new alert profile that uses the default alert. This alert is supposed to be creating tickets when an alert is encountered. However, I’m not seeing any new tickets being created. Am I missing a step? Alerts used to generate a ticket but they haven’t worked since March 1.

I tried to upload screen shots but they errored out.

Hello @ttsi
Have you tried to clone the ‘Default Alert’ so that you can customize the settings to your preference? Please do try and inform us of the results.

I cloned the alert and made a few changes, but left in the setting to create a ticket. I tested the alert. So far, no ticket,

Hi @ttsi
We don’t want to assume here so let us just ask if you changed the ‘Default Alert’ on the associated profile to the newly-created alert? (And saved the changes?)

Hi @ttsi
We’ll create a support ticket for your concern. We will be asking for some possibly sensitive details so please do reply at your convenience.