All devices appear offline in remote control software

Noticed several times that all devices in the remote control software go offline at once. The software needs to be restarted before they appear back online.

@poynter ,

What is the OS environment of your host device where you are using the Comodo Remote Control? Can you please installing CRC on another device and confirm if issue reappears.
If a firewall might be causing issues, you can review our help guide for common ports and IPs used by Comodo if for some reason they are blocked.,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customer.html#firewall_remote,-host-names-and-port-details---eu-customer.html#firewall_remote

Another possible issue might be an installed application on the machine triggering a conflict.


Its a Windows 10 machine. Is there a beta we can try using XMPP (only have options for WebRTC or Chrome remoting) some of our devices that we access have proxy and firewalls in place. Being able to use port 443 should resolve a lot of issues.


@poynter ,

We have received similar functionality requests regarding specifying setup required "being able to use port 443 alone "in your environment. This functionality currently shows on the road-map with the following implementation timeline Short-Term (3 to 6 months) We will contact you as soon as this timeline becomes more accurate. Thank you for your patience.

We see that from time to time also.

This is for devices located at 5+ different locations so its not on that end.

Sorry for reviving an old thread but I just saw this again today. In fact, devices kept going offline/coming online repeatedly including terminating my remote session (once where it was reestablished and another where i was unable to even manually reestablish). I sit here now staring at a list of offline computers…so either nobody in this company is doing any work today (including all of our satellite campuses) or something is wrong.

Hello @zemlicka,

Thank you for reaching out. This issue with remote control is now under investigation. Please reply to the support ticket that we have created.

Thank you.

This has been broken for a while now.
Why is it under investigation now and not before?

I am seeing right now as I type this.
In the RMM client the server shows offline.
If I got to the website and look at the inventory the same server shows online and if I select the server there and click the remote control button, it opens the connection in the RMM.

Hi @smartcloud
An outage occurred with the US XMPP servers at that time for @zemlicka’s situation. The responsible team performed temporary remediation steps so that the US-hosted users can work (utilize the Remote Control app) while the issue with the XMPP servers were being fixed by another team.

Any updates to the outage as now I cannot get on any machine and signing out of ITSM desktop app and back in results in zero devices online

HELLO! Comodo / Itarian Staff or any of the following @Raymond_Co @Jordan_C @Rick_C @AmyHD

Can an announcement, sticky, or header post on the forum be placed for system-wide issues?

I’m reposting this request as its pertinent to this thread and I think other MSP clients would like this feature too.

Just an update to this, seems it is stable this AM (eastern US time), thanks for the quick fix, we certainly needed it for customer calls we got already.