All devices offline

I tried to do my monthly windows patches this morning which I do remotely however when I tried to connect using Remote Control by Itarian all devices appear to be offline. The devices are online in the Itarian Web UI. Is there a current issue with Itarian servers? Is there a status page where one can view the current status of various Itarian services? Do you notify customers of outages?

I as well have all devices offline and unreachable as of 11pm CST last night.
Have been told support is working on the issue. Still haven’t heard back since.

Hi @terry.r and @ptomis, the issue with the remote control has been reported to our development team, who are investigating and resolving the issue. We will update you once we have additional information. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

I also hope it is noted that in some cases, like the company I work for, many devices have disappeared entirely.

A bit of transparency is always a good thing. Notifying customers of problems/outages and that you’re working on it instills confidence to the end user. Having the end users needing query if there is a problem only leads to frustration. Kudos should be given though for an active forum presence and relatively quick response.

Hi @terry.r , an update on the status: the service handling the connection of endpoints has a major issue, and the team is working on it actively from the moment issue is being reported to us. A couple of changes are made but last attempt didn’t work as well. Now a new method is implemented. The expected resolution time is 2 hours.

We’re sorry for the issues caused by that problem.

We use Tigase on the back end…and its not behaving well…we were planning to move away from Tigase already, we are now going to speed that process up!

Thank you both for the updates.

So i located the devices that I previously thought had disappeared. All of their owners have been switched to Admin and their group to Default Group - Default customer…1177 devices…this is going to be a royal pain if I have to individually reset owners and groups for all of them.

Hello @ptomis,

Upon consulting with the developers, they have advised that this issue you have experienced should not be a result of the aforementioned remote control issue. Neither is it a result of the fix. It is possible that we may need to investigate further. We will send an email to your forum registered email to continue troubleshooting.

Thank you.

Hi everyone,

We have been advised that the issue has been resolved. Kindly check if the endpoints are accessible from the Remote Control application.

We have also responded to emails of those who have reported the issue.

Thank you.

This was due to an employee termination.

Hello @ptomis,

We understand that this issue was manually performed by a rogue employee. Our best recommendation is to set the Admin and Group settings manually to their previous settings. We will; however, consult with engineering to see if there is anything else can be done from our end.

We also recommend communicating using the ticket we have sent earlier since this issue is no longer related to the issue of the original poster to avoid confusion. The ticket was sent using your forum registered email.

Thank you.

The issue appears to be resolved now. I had to fully log out of “Remote Control by ITarian” and then back in, a refresh did not do it.

Thank you for the updates and resolution. As previously mentioned, I would definitely recommend some sort of status page in the future as to the current status of various ITarian services. Then when anything is down you can simply point end users to the status page and/or have an easily visible notification bar on the forums that points end users there. As anyone in IT should know, services do go down from time to time and “sheep” happens. This is just my opinion, but how a company or service responds to these issues makes a huge difference in whether or not I stick with them or not. Unless is it something like a major security breach I don’t need to know specifics of an issue other than to know that it is being worked on and maybe an estimated time frame as to when the service may be back up. It can’t always been given, I understand that, but where possible it is good to let customers know.

I’m just one person, but that is my two cents :slight_smile:

Hi @terry.r, we appreciate your suggestion. Your input is important to us as it will help to improve the usefulness of the platform for the entire users’ community. We can ensure that your feedback and recommendations is forwarded to our product team.

Here is that page:!/