All systems really slow since CCS installed

Hi all,

Is there a way to speed up the software. at the moment I have 50 devices and all are running like dogs on start up and general use since CCS has been installed. For instance my computer
Ryzen 7100x, 32gb ram, 3 500gb ssd’s raid 1, gtx 970 gpu, water cooling and instead of the usal 3 seconds to boot up and get in windows it now takes 20 -35 seconds before i can use my mouse.

Another one is a laptop probook 640 g3 running 250gb ssd and 16gb ram same thing take CCS off and it works fine but put it on and the system slows right down and is un useable.

@monster-it ,

This is unusual. We have created a support ticket for further investigation. We might need additional information from the email we sent you.

This unfortunately is normal, especially if you used ro use the old RMM and Patch Manager modules of the C1 platform.

Uninstall these and reboot and you will notice a massive difference.

If it not that then you have a big problem, we should all expect a little slower as you have monitoring on a machine but that is a dramatic jump.

I am running a 1070GTX and 2600k Intel cpu and the none of them seem to be experiencing the slowdown. Have you run any benchmarks? Also is this just a timed boot start to windows benchmark?? I’m currently running the latest CCC and CES clients.

If you use MSconfig and disable a bunch of items to start up does it help?

I would definitely advise removing RMM and tweaking your ITSM Profile. There are all sorts of setting you can change, but start with the following:

HIPS - Create rules for safe applications
HIPS - Enable embedded code detection and heuristic command-line analysis for
AV - Run cache builder when computer is idle

Change - Monitor сontained applications only to ENABLED

Hope this helps.