Allow Asset Tagging to list of known devices like submit ticket from device

Could we please allow the ability when adding a new ticket manually into the system via email or phone to allow a support tech to assign an asset all ready register in the system, per example if you have customer X with system Y with endpoint / Comodo installed than you can select that customer than computer to auto input information like submitting ticket from the computer by right click endpoint icon than left click submit.

This would allow my team to have one person intake the call create the ticket than allow the support agent to just click on remote control or know more about the system by viewing the system information VIA the RMM Device list as it does when submitting a ticket from the computer itself. It allows the agent to fill in the fields boxes once asset is clicked but no option to auto fill in an existing asset information

@rschrah ,

We thank you for making your request visible to our forum community. We have forwarded this request to Our Product Improvement Team and we’ll make sure to notify you of its development and arrival on the production environment. Thank for supporting the Comodo community

Hi @rschrah and @Jimmy, this has previously been requested so should be on the wish list already.