alphabetize lists

There are a few places where the pre-populated lists are not alphabetized. It makes is very difficult to find what you are looking for. This is huge from a usability standpoint. I know from a coding standpoint you are just changing the order by of a SQL query and it seems trivial but for a user it makes the system unusable. Take the “auto change user” I haven’t created filters because it takes so long to sift through the list which means I can’t test the Service Desk fully which means I can’t adopt the service desk which in turn stops us from fully adopting the system as a whole. Trivial usability stuff like that is killing us right now.

Examples are:
Service Desk -> Manage -> Ticket Filters -> auto change user

  • This is very cumbersome when you have lots of users. An autocomplete field that populates as you type would be ideal.
    Service Desk -> Manage -> Ticket Filters -> auto-assign To
    Service Desk -> User Directory
    Service Desk -> Organizations (Order by Name not Org Id)
    ITSM -> Devices -> Device List
    ITSM -> Devices -> Bulk Installation Package -> Company
    ITSM -> Users -> User List
    ITSM -> Users -> User Groups
    ITSM -> Configuration Templates -> Profiles
    ITSM -> Configuration Templates -> alerts
    ITSM -> Configuration Templates -> Procedures-> Procedure Names (the “groups” are alphabetized. The actual procedures are not)
    ITSM -> Security Sub-systems ->Containment -> File Name

Also: ITSM -> Device List -> Device ->Change Owner -> List of users as the autopopulate isn’t working right. If you have email address (Org Name) the list stops sorting at the email address you have (food Company) (ABC company) (blah company)

The autocomplete also does not work past the email address.

@easterntech50 ,

We appreciate your insights on making the Comodo One Portal effective usability. We will certainy forward these suggestions to our Development Team for analysis and notify you once these capabilities had been available in the production environment.