An Error is occurred while checking user product type


I cant login to my account getting an error (An Error is occurred while checking user product type.) where can I get support?

Same here

European servers

so who is fixing it or helping with the problem?

Think that disturbs me is I called several times after sending in emails with no response and each time they all said there was no issues reported. I insisted there was. Asked them to create the ticket, but I still have not received a response.

If they were honest, and said its x hours, I would not like it and get on with my day. But this is disappointing to say the least.

no one they did not even admit there is one.

THis is not good for new business, I literatly did this to test and loaded 10 customers and now I cant work… think I will go somewhere else then.

@Freddie To be fair this is the first time I received this kind of error.

I am absolutely willing to pay to get most of the features that they provide it seems like a profile issue, as if there was to many diffirent apps loaded and their server now do not know where it should point the login.

Question how do I get in touch with their support?

@RT-AMS-ITarian, perhaps you could respond to this issue?

Dear all,

I came across this issue on Saturday and raised it straight away with the support team who started to look at the issue and did eventually find out what the issue was and resolved it.

Sorry that I was not already or monitoring the forums about this, unfortunately forums are not monitored 24/7 like support is.


This morning I also can’t login into the portal and get the message “An Error is occurred while checking user product type.”

The remote Control tool also gives an “Undefined” error.

I’m on the EU servers.

Are there any problems?

Hi, jip same problem here, also can’t login into portal or remote control.

i did log a ticket but no feedback as of yet. I also have issues getting virus signatures for the last couple of days, updates are failing.

Same here

I emailed iTarian support but I’ve noticed their support emails get caught up in our mail filters because has strict DMARC implemented but their own support emails aren’t DMARC aligned. Bit of a blunder, that.

looks like we are back online?

Yes same here.

No response to my support ticket though, which is disappointing for an enterprise level service.

Dear All,

Sorry for the delayed response on here.

After speaking with the support team there was a set of database actions that crashed holding the DB open or something along those lines.

Due to this authentication was not possible due to no access to the DB, this was resolved a few hours ago now, but I wanted to make sure all were informed.


Also no response on my ticket.

Thank you @RT-AMS-ITarian

Sorry to hear that; I’m sure it is in the mill as such, and they have just not got to it yet.

As you can imagine the amount of support calls from the EU zone where this issue affected, there will be a delay in getting back to people.