An error occurred on last information update. Error code: 0x8000FFFF

Yet another update issue with CCS. Please provide insight into the error as the CCS Agent appears to be running on this machine and signatures were updated recently. Below is the ITSM Security Info for one of the impacted machines.

Name: COMODO Client - Security


Antivirus: on
Containment: on
Firewall: on

Virus DB version: 28037

Virus DB last update time: 2017/11/12 01:59:55 PM

An error occurred on last information update. Error code: 0x8000FFFF
Displayed last known data.

@curatrix_pl, we thank you for providing the necessary details. We will forward these to our developers to investigate and update you once the information is available. We have also created a ticket for this issue, should we need additional information. Thanks.

Hi @curatrix_pl . Good day to you. Please check your mailbox for the logs that we had requested for the investigation of this case. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you.

Many thanks, as per my response, the original device showing the error has cleared the error this morning and another device is showing the same error. This device is offline and i am waiting for the user to connect.

Can you advise what 8000FFFF is related to. Is it a pending update requiring update or something similar?

Hi @curatrix_pl . 0x8000FFFF means that there is already an instance running. Possible root causes includes crashes and manual stopping the service when the service is busy. Hope this helps. Thank you.

It appears that this is a to do with an update and clears on reboot. I think its my users postponing the reboot, then not powering on for a few days. When they then power on, this error clears.

Hello @curatrix_pl,

We appreciate for sharing your observation with this matter. We are glad that the issue has been cleared out on your devices, feel free to reach out if by any chance you encounter any other issue. Thank you