Android App question

I will get alerts on the android app, but when I look them it just gives the basic info. This isnt clickable to dig deeper into what the alert really is.
Am I doing something wrong or is the app not that fleshed out?

Hello @Velvis,

Could you please send us a screenshot of what you receive? From the notification to the options you receive when you click on the notification.

Looking forward to your response.

Hello @Velvis, upon testing on our environment, it is by design that the notifications only shows the information and not be able to click it.

We can have this ability raise to our product development team to review and add it on our roadmap upon your confirmation.

Thank you.

Sure please add it. I don’t understand how this info would be useful otherwise.

I hope your problem is solved

If your problem is not solved yet, then maybe you should clean the caches and check your app again, because once it happened to me and when I did, my problem is solved.