Android app removed from Play Store?

The link to download the Android Agent seems to be dead, as the app is no longer in the store.

According to the Web Archive, it’s actually missing - nothing funky on my end.

Hi @RTT,

We appreciate bringing this issue to our attention. We are communicating with the concerned departments to address this concern.

Thank you.


We fixed the issue. Could you please verify it is working again?

I have confirmed that the app is available in the Play Store once again.

Web Archive of the timestamp -

Hello @RTT,

We appreciate your confirmation.

Thank you.


From what it seems the app is not compatible with OnePlus 5 or at least this what Google Play says. Is it possible to correct the issue?


Hello @NickName1 ,

Android 7.x Nougat is not yet supported by ITSM,
However, the “Support for Android 7.0 Nougat” is already on the road map and planned to roll out by the end of Q3 of 2017.
We will create a support ticket for this and we will add you on the loop to keep you updated
on its progress.

Kind Regards,

That is terrible.
Hasn’t 7 been out for nearly a year?
8 should be out soon.

Maybe you could borrow some devs from the C1 home team. Their app works with 7

You are right…at the moment our backlog got hit, because we put every single developer on stability improvements…next 2 sprints our feature deliverables will be hit, but we will have a rock solid platform, then we will catch up.

Android improvements would be nice, but I’m with @melih about getting C1 rock solid as it then allows all us MSPs to use the systems and get normal.

Then we can all help test and provide ideas for future.

Largely speaking, I agree with you. However, Android 8.0 Oreo just dropped, and I’d wager it will be some time before we see C1 support it. I’ve got a client who really wants their Android devices managed. They’re all running 7.0+, therefore I can’t use the same platform as I do with everything else.

I would like to be added to the email loop for the support on the Android Devices as well.

Hello @aoit,

We have added you on the loop and have sent you an email to keep you updated regarding for the support for Androids 7.0 and 8.0.

Is Version 7 working now? I did install it on a 7.0 device through the .apk file not through Google Play tough… =)

2017-09-28 14_54_22-IT and Security Manager.png

2017-09-28 14_56_24-IT and Security Manager.png

Hello @Noiden
It is possible to sideload the apk of the ITSM client to an adroid device running Nougat (or even Oreo) and effectively be enrolled to your ITSM portal. Unfortunately, Android v7+ is still not officially supported and any tasks that you direct to such device is at your discretion.

Bummer, I also ran into this issue, where I can not install it on a new device that I will be sending out on the road…

When does Q3 end?

The Android support has to be quicker, we can not use C1 as MDM for our mobile device for the moment, because 90% of them is running 7.x.

Hello @Noiden ,

This is duly noted.
Rest assured that once we have an update on the request we will let you know.
I will also add you on the loop so you will get an email for any progress on this feature.
We will get in touch with you shortly via email.

Kind Regards,

As of 2021-08-21, the ITarian MDM App is NOT available on the Google Play store. @Comodo/ITarian - it is really frustrating when such a great platform is crippled by such minor oversights. Please get the MDM app reposted on the Google Play store ASAP.