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I have tested out the Android client and then demonstrated it to a potential client, emphasizing that if an app is installed that should not be, then all that needs to be done is click on the app, then chose block and the app can then not be used - Screenshot 2. The potential client was really happy with this as it would be deployed to children’s phones so this would be able to block any unsuitable apps ‘on the fly’ if they had been installed.

Unfortunately, two phones have now been purchased, the ITSM client has been installed but the ’ Block ’ and ’ Unblock ’ app feature is not available ?? - Screenshot 1. Also when selecting an app and then selecting uninstall, all it does is send a message to the device to uninstall the app, which if the owner decides to ignore and continue to use the app, there is nothing you can do !! and as you can imagine has caused a bit of embarrassment as it is not working as demonstrated.

There appears to be two differing factors, 1 is that the ITSM Client was demonstrated and tested on a Tablet with only wi-fi access and the real world deployment is on mobile phones - 2 The tablet is running Android version 4.4 and the phones have 6.0

Is this capability only available on certain versions of Android, certain types of device, or a bug ?


Hello @bob-sawyer ,

Thank you for using ITSM for Android.
All of the applications you want to push on an android device should always have the consent of the user. Also,you cannot control applications existing on the device if its installed before the enrollment but on the other hand, you can always control or set restrictions to the device if it is already enrolled to ITSM (Please see the link below). Normally, this system is used on a business environment wherein all of the devices were issued by the company and already been enrolled to ITSM before giving them to their employees.

Hope it helps.

Hi Jay,

All the Android clients are clean / new devices, ITSM agent installed, then all set to ’ Personnel ’ and then apps installed.

As I say the differences are ( in the screenshots ) the one that allows the apps to be blocked is an Acer tablet running 4.4 and the one that cannot be blocked is a Motorola G4 Play running 6.0


Hello @bob-sawyer ,

Thank you for your prompt response,
We are actually investigating your concern based on the screenshots you provided and we will get back to you the soonest possible.
We might also need more information and we will communicate through email to resolved your issue.