Android EM High CPU Usage

We use Endpoint Manager and the EM Kiosk on our Galaxy Tab E tablets. We have been experiencing a problem with high cpu usage and have been trying to determine the cause. We setup two tablets, one with EM and one without, besides that they were factory reset tablets. Using some monitoring software over 24 hour period the tablet with EM is consistantly around 30-70% higher cpu usage than the one without EM. one will sit at almost idle while the other is around 50% cpu usage.

What is endpoint manager doing in the background that is taking up cpu all the time? Is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue? We may have to stop using EM if we cannot find a solution. Please let me know. Thanks.

@AndroidID ,

We are saddened to hear about your experience. We have created a support ticket for you to assist further in investigating this case. Please check your forum regsitered email at your convenience.

I have the same problem on my tablet. I need to fallback to a older version to continue to run application.

Hello @SupportChartrandINC,

We will create a support ticket for you to further investigate the reported case and provide the needed solution. Thank you and please feel free to respond to the support ticket.

I have also noticed that the tablets running the version prior to the February update are not affected. Is there somewhere I can get the apk for the older version to install on the tablets till we get the issue with the new version resolved?

@AndroidID I have a old version ( if you want it.

For anyone else looking for a solution to this problem I have narrowed down the cause to Endpoint Manager version , This is the current version available in the play store. Any Samsung Galaxy E tablet I have this version installed on will stop responding within 24 hours due to high CPU usage. By rolling back to version the cpu usage goes back to normal and the tablet functions properly again. There seems to be a bug in the latest version causing the high cpu useage, I emailed their support team to let the developers know.

Special thanks to @SupportChartrandINC for providing the older version for testing

@AndroidID Everything working good with this version ?

Yes we deployed that version to about 100 tablets and it is working great, no more freezing or high cpu usage. Support advised they will be releasing a new version second week of april so hopefully this new version will have a fix in it.