Android installation issues and other limitations

Mobile device installation. (Android)
1.Cumbersome installation.
1a.You see an enrollment link that you have to send to the user. The user has to open the page, download the app and copy information from the browser into the ITarian app. On my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, you can switch to Chrome but you cannot switch back to ITarian Endpoint Manager because it doesn’t get displayed. You have to reopen the app.
1b.I was prompted to log into the ITarian app and it would not accept my credentials. It kept displaying that the user was not found.
I removed the app.

2.I clicked on the ENTROLLMENT INSTRUCTION button in the ITarian dashboard which is found in the upper area of the screen during the Android enrollment process and you are on step 4 (Enrollment Link page). There you will find the enrollment steps for all of the devices. This requires a two step process, which works.

3.Why isn’t there a QR code available or a push to an Android (and Apple) phone like many other companies do?

4.After the app is installed, I waited a while and tried many of the options. Last Known Location displays, “There is no information about device location”.

5.I don’t see any way to install apps on the device for a user or group.

6.I don’t see any way to block, remove, allow apps on a group of devices.

7.Android 9 and below are fully supported?
7a.Need to support more current devices.
7b.Then maybe Sneak Peak will work.