Android Kiosk Adding YouTube and Drive


We’ve just started to work on setting up configuration profiles for our Samsung Android Tablets running Lollypop 5.1 and I have decided to use Kiosk mode. Everything looks good, but I am not able to add Google Drive or YouTube to the kiosk app list. Here’s what I have for their application ID.

Is there a limit of how many apps we can add to the kiosk screen or am I not able to add those apps to kiosk mode?


I figured it out. You have to have all of the applications in your MDM’s app store as well, which I didn’t have. Now that I do, it works fine. Dumb mistake, but I figured it out.

Hi @watermelon,

Can you please what issue you exactly have, so that we can investigate the issue.

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Why can’t I download YouTube to my iPhone 4?

Hi edwardyn,

Can you please share the screenshot of the error you receive, so that we can check.

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