Android kiosk, app deployment not working


Upgraded Samsung Tab S6 Lite (SM-P610) to the latest Android version 11 and now kiosk mode and app deployment isn’t working. It seems many rules under “Profile” aren’t working.
Have you updated your software so its compatible with latest Android version?

All permissions are given to Endpoint Management app.

Hi @LKits,

Sorry for the issue you are facing. We have created a support ticket to investigate the issue.

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It seems like Itarian doesn’t have KNOX support for Android 11 at the moment.
So KIOSK and app automating installation isn’t working.

Hello @LKits ,

Android 11 KNOX will be supported with our next major release (mid June 2021)

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That’s too bad, because Android 12 release is in august 2021 so it’s all the same for Itarian. Samsung probably updates to Android 12 in september so we have to wait for another 8-10 months for Itarian KNOX support update for Android 12 as well…