Android Store version length and XAPK support


Please add longer version length in Android Store in Endpoint Manager.
For example, Microsoft Teams has longer version length than you’re supporting (max is 20) - please increase it.

Also huge issue is rising. Many new Android applications don’t consist only of one APK file, but many apps have more APK files and some also have OBB files.
Itarian is not supporting installation of those APK-s at this time.

Could you please add XAPK support?
Many apps have either OBB or config APK files as well, for example “Files by Google. Clean up space on your phone” ( )

This app has additional files in /data/app folder:
base.apk (main apk file, cannot install without other apk files)

I can create XAPK file from those .apk files, but then again - it takes way to much time to do it manually… it could be automated somehow…
Please add XAPK support!

Thank you!

Hi @LKits,

Thanks for your feature request. We have created a ticket and shared it with our product management team to analyse.

Kind Regards,

Hello @LKits ,

We have added your request into our roadmap, and we will share any news about a possible ETA from here.

Best regards,