Anti-Spam for FREE - Enterprise quality full feature

Hi Guys,

We decided to launch our Enterprise Quality Anti Spam product for FREE.

It has a very powerful Spam, phishing, promotional email, protection capability

Let us know what you think please.


I would like to use this in place of the current one we use. However, I would like to set this up on a VPS either running on OpenVZ or KVM. Do you have a Linux sh script or information on setting this up?

I asked the guys to answer your question. But in the meanwhile, I am just curious what are you using currently?

Hi Derrick,

I am the Product Manager of this product, Korumail. I want to help you about your question.

Yes you can use this product both on OpenVZ and also KVM. The necessary scripts and information are already embeded in the Kroumail Premium Installation file (ISO) that is shared from the website which Melih has provided to you above…

In order to deploy it, you can also get necessary steps from the product admin guide in this page and also the getting started page:

If you have any other question, please let me know about it. And I am also curious as Melih about your current solution. It would be better to compare if you can share with us.



I will have it in mind once one of my custumers get this kind of need, I will be able to just deploy this kind of solutions but also the C1. Thanks for helpingout the MSPs!!!


We are here for you guys!


Could I get some support with the installation?

Hi @focuspc
We would like to direct you to a newer product that can handle your company’s or clients’ spam woes: Comodo Dome Antispam Gateway.

Hoperfully this works better than Dome Antispam…
I tried to set that up to test and could not even add my hosts for mail delivery…

Hi @rockowwc
Please do reach out to us at so we can properly address your ASG setup concerns.

Hi All!!

This set of products are great, and save our company and clients from a lot of spam!

KoruMail is the self hosted product
Dome Antispam Gateway is the hosted version

We migrated our client base over a year ago and can hand on heart say we would never like to use another product as it detection rates and virus abilities are far superior to others on the market for the price(s); and this is all backed by Comodo!

Well done @melih and the team, keep up the excellent work!