Anyone able to use Anti-Virus with RMM? How is it setup to make sure it is ran and updated with procedures?

Hi Doveroh,

Could you please explain a little bit more what exactly you are looking for?

CDM (Comodo Device Management) has 7 layers of security including Anti-Virus protection. You can see the CDM module inside Comodo ONE App Store and get it for free. Wizard will guide you for setting up.

Please let us know what exactly you need help with if above instructions are not sufficient.


OK, I found the app and it say it is applied now. Sorry, I am new to this product so I am trying to figure everything out. How can I tell it is running on a user’s machine?

Hello Doveroh,
To see if it running , open the CDM console, go to Devices, click on the device name , and under the “CES info” column , you should see the Antivirus version, active protection components, and details about the latest update.

probably a stupid question, how do I open the CDM console? I don’t see it in Comodo One or the RMM Admin

Our recorded webinar video might give you an idea. Please check after minute 50:30 for CDM.

Ok, I couldn’t get it to work in Firefox for me, but Chrome works better. So it would be the premium to get Anti-Virus for my end users? or is there a free option?

CDM will manage Comodo endpoint security. In The Basic (Free) edition, Comodo endpoint security will be available as a one month trial. After this, you will still be able to manage your devices, but the antivirus will be disabled.

Here is a list of Diferences beetween the Basic and Premium Editions:

  • Basic version
    • Has full MDM (Mobile Device Management), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MAM (Mobile Application Management) and MSM (Mobile Security Management).
    • Has community support on Forum (
    • Has limited time (1 month) containerization and Anti virus protection with Comodo Endpoint Security.
  • Premium version
    • Has full MDM (Mobile Device Management), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), MAM (Mobile Application Management), MSM (Mobile Security Management) and Endpoint Security Management for Windows Devices including World Best Containment Technology.
    • Has professional support for 7 days 24 hours over email and phone.
    • Can have free SSL certificate for management server from Comodo CA (if you choose to install on your own server instead of Cloud).
    • Has license time containerization and Anti-virus protection with Comodo Endpoint Security.
    • One license is valid for:
      • Up to 5 mobile devices per user.
      • Or one computer.