Antivirus config?

Is there anyway to whitelist directors and websites in the AV? I have installed it on a couple of my servers and noticed for instance I wasn’t able to access my ESXi 6.5 WebSphere it was blocked by the AV. As soon as I uninstalled the AV component I was able to access it again. I checked my portal and the AV app and there wasn’t any direct way to excluding stuff. :frowning:


Hello @smoothrunnings
For proper whitelisting, we strongly suggest to do it on the Profile assigned to the servers. Please do consult the attached PDF file that outlines the steps on how to properly perform the whitelisting by path method.

Just in case, here is a guide on how to configure Profiles on Windows devices.

GBS-ITSMwhite-listingbypath-300317-2058-26.pdf (299 KB)

This is interesting. Website blocking cannot be configured in ITSM. It’s a local setting.

you would need to investigate the logs to see what it blocked. Look in the logs in the local CCS program.


I had a look through this info, it doesn’t mention how to manage the Web Filtering in the COMODO Client - Security 10. Please advised.


When it comes to web filtering @smoothrunnings , we strongly suggest that you utilize the free Comodo Dome Shield module.

If you still prefer to implement web filtering on the endpoints, feel free to read through Creating and Modifying Website Filtering Rules in the Comodo Internet Security (CIS) help guide.

@smoothrunnings once you configure the rules on one of the endpoints, you can import the configuration profile from ITSM - Device details menu and then apply that profile to all of your targeted endpoints.

I added the Dome Shield DNS IP’s to my Windows 2012 R2 DNS servers forwarders last Friday but I don’t see any data in my Dome Shield portal area. Why’s is that?

My last question about AV has to do with licensing. When I look at the licensing, it says per user. How does the licensing determine how many users you have, or does per user in this case mean per machines? It’s not straight forward enough. Sorry I work for an MSP part-time while I am doing my own thing, we are billed per machine by Automate/Labtech.


You are correct. 1 endpoint, 1 license. When an endpoint is enrolled it takes the seat of the license.…y-Manager.html