Antivirus confuration

Just noticed that Realtime Scanning doesn’t have an exclusion list. This is going to be break many Microsoft Windows servers as MS does have a list of folders and files that need to be excluded from realtime scanning depending on how the server is configured. There also isn’t a application exclusion option from what I can see…So every time I need to run my dlink PLC software I have to rip out the Comodo Security Suite. :frowning:

Here is the Microsoft support article on what needs to be excluded in AV’s from realtime scanning.

Please advise how I can exclude these from my realtime scanning so that I don’t hose my servers.


Hello @smoothrunnings,

Good day, you may refer to the link below on how you may access the exclusion list on the AV and exclude the program, files or folders.

Thank you and please let us know if the guide works for you.