Antivirus Database Update URL/IP:Port

We have clients with servers that must be connected only in the private network. However, CCE installed on them must be updated too. They’ve gotten a proxy server to achieve this. Issue now is what is the url for the update server or better still the IP and port for the antivirus update server so they can add this to the rule to permit antivirus update as the only outbound connection to be made?

Hi @chales . We don’t have the information available off-hand but we’ll get them for you and provide you with an update as soon as we can.



You can check our help guide,-Host-Names-and-Ports).html. Info should be under Comodo Client Security would be hostnames and ports for updates.

Hi there, as regards this request, can i possibly get just the block of IPs to be permitted for communication with comodo (I mean for all the features of the antivirus e.g ccs, client communication, antivirus update, file lookup and all). This would come in handy for easier configuration.

Hello @chales ,

There is the full list of addresses in the Appendix 1a hence this is if you are located in EU and Appendix 1b for US.
Please note that some of these addresses are located under load balancing servers, so it might be not just an IP alone.