Antivirus Exceptions & Firewall Ports/IPs

What are the paths/executables that we need to add as exception in the antivirus for the RMM Agent (to avoid false positives)?

What are the ports/IPs that are necessary to open/whitelist on the firewall? (in case of restricted environment)

Is it possible to designate one agent/device to handle all the RMM communication across all LAN agents? (in case of restricted environment)

  • Generic Path is the folder “C:\Program Files\Comodo”
  • Domains are: * * Ports are: 80, 443, 8080 -all connections are outbound
  • not possible for now.

I have had to open port 8080 on the firewall for one client. Thanks to Comodo ONE support agent, Ethan, for his help.
Ilker, the support case is #ETZ-838-73460 if you want to see more detail. There is still however an issue that the internal IP address of the device is not shown on the RMM console.

I also had to open 8080 on my test runner, for my admin console to connect.

did you open the port for inbound or outbound connections?

I will check this out with dev team.

I opened mine both ways, it was on a testing network without any firewall rules. I started to lock her down some, and the console would not sign in, opened port 8080 and it worked. Unless it was a fluke, I did not try with it blocked again.