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I am currently running vipre endpoint security on my computers but was considering moving to comodo endpoint security. Can anyone tell me pros and cons…how you like it…do you recommend it…etc? Thanks.

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Comodo is a great product that works complete different from any other AV on the market.

Due to it being so different it can be harder to get right at the start, but once working does a great job.

As with all software there are little bugs here and there, but the team here are good and get things resolved quickly.

How many devices you looking at protecting, what platform etc?

I can 2nd the above.

It takes a little getting used to particularly the exemptions as the containment is very sensitive.

Having said that your customers will be far better protected with the full suit in place.

I have near 1000 endpoints protected by Comodo’s anti virus, and my clients are more secure than previously, but I concur with the comments above from @dittoit and @StrobeTech .

I would advise you to speak to Comodo’s L2 support first and use their Unknown File Hunter to analyse your software before even installing their anti virus software.
There have been some issues historically with the C1 console and software, but they are working to resolve these and everything seems to be moving in a very positive direction.

File hunter is a must.

You can do this with a dedicated profile for the AV and then switch to a locked down profile later, but best to check it out in advance with file hunter.

Are you using any of the other parts of Comodo C1 yet?

Hello @jmock,

Couldn’t agree more with the gentlemen above. Comodo Endpoint Protection is not just an AV. It has an auto-containment. It is an AV within multiple layers of security.
You may also want to check out our free online training about our products:

Thank you.

Sorry,I fell off the grid for a while. Been busy with a lot lately. Well, My vipre anti virus expired so now my back is against the wall to see if comodo will work for me. I see that everyone is suggesting that I run file hunter first. From what I understand, File Hunter will identify malicious, safe and unknown files on my network. My curiosity is, why is this a must BEFORE rolling out comodo? Or did I misunderstand that? What I would like to do is to roll out the AV to one PC on the network and see if there are any adverse side effects. If there isn’t, then I would feel more confident in rolling out the software to the rest of the computers. This particular network is fairly small. Only 12 computers and 2 servers. Also, are there any good training documents in the academy or anywhere else on how to roll this out?

Hi If you are interested in looking at Comodo speak with us as we can help and supply any licenses you need.

Hi @jmock

Running the Unknown File Hunter before rolling out Comodo can help you determine if there are any files which pose a threat on your endpoint, specially now that you mentioned your previous Antivirus software has already expired. You may want to try UFH on a single endpoint first, and benefit from the features the tool has to offer starting from having no installation requirement, capability of scanning devices from Active Directory, Work Group and by Network Addresses, automatic upload of unknown files to Comodo Valkyrie for malicious behavior testing and comprehensive reporting with granular details about the trust level of files on your endpoints. Check out the link below as suggested by @nct and share with us your experience :

So, the antivirus isn’t free based on what strobetech is saying?

Hi @jmock the AV is not free, but the RMM license is free which gives you rights to deploy the AV on the machine; but you still need a licence for it.

Please feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

As said above you are best to run a file hunter on your machines to check out the systems and report files to Comodo to make sure they are safe and known files are not blocked by mistake etc.

What exactly does that mean - “it gives you rights”. So if I have RMM, I still need to buy a license for AV? I’m also confused as far as what CSS is? Is that a form of antivirus?

Hopefully this information helps.

CCC = Comodo Communication Client (RMM Agent)
CCS = Comodo Client Security (AV)

CCS is also known as CES (Comodo Endpoint Security).

CCC is the free agent used by C1 to communicate and provide all the tools we use. CCC also includes CRC (Comodo Remote Control) service which is a tool you get from the ITSM section of C1 to remote control devices.

There is a known bug with C1 that your free RMM license installs and licenses AV, but you are meant to have a license for this to be legal.

I hope this explains better.

I’m a little confused. I was able to rollout Comodo Client Security to to a pc on my network. I thought this wasn’t free? Or, is this a trial?

Yes you get 30days trial.

It should be a trial but a bug sometimes allows this longer than it should.

If you want pricing and your in the UK we are a distributor of Comodo and would be more than happy to help.

Ok. Where do we get pricing?

PM me your email address and I’ll send you across pricing asap