Antivirus Scan History - No results found after Scan

While viewing many PCs with Virus Scanning processed, the Virus Scan History tab never shows any logs of history. Would this be just to display found threats or is there another way to display the history or scans?

Hi @icttech , in the Virus Scan History tab, it will display items identified as malware on an endpoint.

You may check on this help guide.…n-History.html

Hi Blake, yes I have reviewed and all end points in question have Comodo Client Security installed so judging for the screen shot within the document that history will only display threats and action taken and not the actual log of the scan which took place. Is there a method for logging scans and viewing this within C1?

Hi @icttech , We’ll check if there’s a descriptive method for logging scans and viewing it thru C1. We’ll contact you through email as soon as possible.

Hi @icttech

Could you please enable this section and try again?


Hi Ilker, yes I have applied this to our default profile and still no Scan Activity Results.


Hi Damon, thanks for the update.

@Damon I was wondering about this as well. How soon is this anticipated?

Hi @MTekhna ,

Thank you for letting us know on the other hand we are aware of the situation and we are working very hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

We will also send you an email for any update.

Hi all,

I am sorry on creating confusion on my previous post. That section is designed to show the items if any threats found per scan as @icttech mentioned on original post.

We have taken the scan history report as a feature request and will put it on the roadmap.

Best regards,