Antivirus update

Hi, frequently I find the PC antivirus db version not aligned. Some PCs remail behind with a version and I have to manually update them. Where do I set the
antivirus update frequency in the Endpoint Manager console?

Hi @datalink ,

Updates for Comodo Client Security can be managed under Profiles → Updates menu. You can set update frequency date and time with other options.


Ah, ok found, thanks. Any idea why some PCs are not updating hourly ? All the LAN PCs are the same model and same OS.

Your welcome @datalink , you can ask anytime when you have question. We have some other options for updating versions for example “Skip updates if the device is offline”, “Do not check for updates if running on battery”. But if you want to check more details I can direct our support team for collecting logs from your devices.

Hi, I solved the problem of the antivirus db not updated hourly on some endpoints as set in the profile The problem was a corrupted scheduler task on the affected endpoints. I just used a free tool called “RepairTask.exe” and now the endpoints update regularly. Would it be possible to have a script that checks the health of the scheduler task and maybe repairs it as that tool does ?

Hi @datalink,

We have asked our script developers to check and provide their input whether this script request is possible or not. Will update you the feedback.

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Hi, when I login into Itarian the “Outdates Virus Database” always shows a higher number than reality. For example this morning the number of outdated was 5. Clicking on it, the antivirus device list only shows 2 devices outdated.

Hi @datalink,

Please check this script provided by our script developers to suffice your needs…d-system-files

Please check this and provide us feedback.

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