Anyone else having issues with pricing?

We were given a price for this - queried last months bill and again this month they have still trying to charge the wrong figure - 60% more than we originally quoted - is it just us or are others having the same problem?

Yep, same here, also the totals were wrong even if you account for the wrong pricing. From what I understand devs are working on it. I suggest contact support before the payment deadline.

Ok got it sorted with Joseph - yeah they are having a few problems

I just got a bill, and I have more licenses than I am utilizing?? How did you get it resolved??

@BOSS We had a long conversation with our account manager @ItarianJoe following a series of emails - he was very understanding and helpful.

Thanks, I have emailed him, I believe, and he is looking into it. Thanks!!!

Seriously totally random crap. I paid 100% for all of the Advanced Protection and suddenly today everything was inaccessible and I had to pay some $ .80 per workstation per month fee on top or the advanced endpoint protection (I thought that came free). At least the PAY NOW button worked, that hasn’t worked since they’ve been putting red banners on my account. Bought 10 licenses at one price a week ago, 20 at a totally different price. Very galling considering I’ve always been honest with paying for my licenses for years when they didn’t enforce it.

It’s ITSM and AV not rocket science, it shouldn’t be this difficut. .

Hi @DaveZmeyr yeah they have been having a few issues :slight_smile: if you talk to @ItarianJoe he is understanding of the problems we are all having.

@BOSS if your email bounces let me know and I’ll give you the correct email address - I was getting lots of bounced emails from India!!!

Hi everyone, to be honest we have had some problems with our invoicing but it seems to be subsiding.It was not everyone and it looks to be a group of one offs. If i am not already working with you please email me directly

Keep in mind I am going my best to be on top of things for you guys.

Since a few days I got messages about telling me I needed to update my subscriptions. 20 licenses are in agreement A, 25 are in other agreement B. Suddenly agreement B (which I paid for a long time ago for a very long time (agreed with Comodo)) those licenses are about to Expire (within 13 days ??). But I even couldn’t get at my licenses at first, I FIRST HAD TO BUY 25 LICENSES. Clicking on the Licenses Tab would only bring me to a form where I could say “BUY NEW LICENSES”. Only after doing that (BUYING THOSE 25 NEW LICENCES, WHICH WERE ALREADY PAYED FOR LONG TIME AGO), I could get to the License-screen, where I saw that those licenses where about to expire in 13 days (but they are supposed not to expire, agreement with Comodo).

So the License Tab told me to buy licenses, without allowing me to see how and or why I should buy licenses!!! Just buy licences, then you can access the license-form.

Great job, Itarian

In any event the pay now button worked, that hasn’t worked since they’ve been putting red standards for me. Purchased 10 licenses at one value seven days prior, 20 at an entirely unexpected cost.

Hi @johnsonmark506,

Please reply to our Private message and provide us requested details to investigate more about your issue,

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