Anyone Else Not Able to Login?

Anyone else having trouble logging in today in the US?

All accounts are getting this now:

Please enter Comodo License Account login name. Please be aware that your login name might be different than email address. If you need help, please contact with support team.

Hi @derrick.kleckner Good day. Upon checking you already created a ticket on the service desk. Please reply to our email so we can further investigate. Thank you.

Finally got logged in.

Got errors that said my account did not exist when I tried password reset.

Hi @smartcloud ,

On which link are you trying to reset a password from?
You mentioned you were able to login. Is this before or after the password reset attempt.
Please help us understand.

Thank you.
clicked on sign in.
Got username/password error.
Tried the password reset and got the email not found.
Tried chrome, firefox and Edge.

Waited a bit then tried again and it worked.

@smartcloud ,

That’s great news.
You can send us a ticket by sending an email to for other concerns.

Thank you.