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Hi, I need help to know how to perform pagination in the device list api… I did not find the parameter in the documentation.

Link I’m using as a reference:

Hi @juanbarbosa.liveone

The ITarian documentation for this is

Looking at this it is identical as the Xcitium (Comodo) version you are referencing. Can I check if you are an ITarian or Xcitium portal as we different companies and over time we have developed different functions and features from each other.

Thanks for the support!

Checking the link you provided, there is no model/name of the API pagination parameter… and I believe there is a pagination in it (since it is only bringing a part of the list of devices that we have registered on the platform)… do you know the name of the parameter we need to use to change the page number or the number of devices on the page?

Hello, can you help us by informing which variable should be passed to the API to change the page or the number of items on the page?

Hi @juanbarbosa.liveone

Please checkout the below like for our APIv2 for our ITSM / Endpoint Manager system

Enter ‘Download spec URL’ and credentials to access documentation.
Spec URL: https://api-gw.cmdm.comodo.com/api/v2/itsm/spec/swagger.public.yml
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and what is the parameter?

Hi @Hector

Unfortunately, I personally cannot help not being too much of a programmer; but support should be able to help you if you raise a ticket on support@itarian.com

Is it possible that you give me access to that documentation?