API Library Page is live!

Hello everyone,

API Library Page is live!

Here is the link for you to check out: https://developer.comodo.com

We created this page to gather all APIs that you can benefit from!
If you have a comment or questions about the page please feel free to contribute!

Best regards!

great work guys! Now anyone who wants to talk to C1 using APIs can.

what else do you want to see in API?

WOW!!!, great. This way We could integrate the SD ticketing into any billing software for automation flow, ex. Quickbook.

I see a create user, but I don’t see “update” statements… IE customer already exists, but email, phone, address, etc… changes or they move. How about update statements at least? A standard set of CRUD operations would be best to start with in my opinion.

Hello @copperstate
We will reach out to the product development team about your inquiry/suggestion and we will get back to you once we get word from the team.

Hello everyone,

We enlarged our API Library Page with the APIs that you could use for our IT and Security Manager. You could go and check it out the new apis to use them on your environment!

Best regards
Comodo ONE Product Management Team

You guys seriously blow my mind. Comodo is the best kept secret in the MSP space.

Thank you indieserve! We are here for you guys, always!

I don’t see “Organizations” in the Service Desk API’s section. Could we have a “get” and “update” Organizations through the API? IE, updating an email address or web domain for an Organization. Maybe address, phone, email, etc… Options bits would be great as well. IE being able to make someone an account admin and auto dispatch tickets setting. This way a new customer could be setup to auto dispatch to someone for a period of time, and an API could add or subtract that feature on the fly per some other rule set.

Contracts would also be an important one for us to have. Contracts managed per customer per period/month, what type, SLA, duration, billing setup, etc… Usually Contracts might be a month to month thing, and trying to add/change contracts on the first of the month for hundreds of customers would be tedious to say the least. An API could handle this with no issue.

Hello @copperstate,

We appreciate your feedback. We have communicated your request to the personnel in charge of your suggestions. We will forward any new information or update that they would provide.

Thank you.

Hello @copperstate ,

We have updated our documentation in developer.comodo.com. You will be able to see the related API’s for organizations once you visit the documentation page.

For the contracts, I will work with our development team and let you know about the estimated time.


Ok, one more that I noticed the other day trying to build out something. On The Service Desk APIs, there is “GetUsers”, which is great, but only allows you to search and return results of Name and Email address content.
The other APIs for UpdateUser, CreateUser, etc… All allow for more data points (phone number to be exact). Can we please add phone number and other custom fields into the GetUsers API endpoint?
I have a need to be able to lookup and match a current customer by phone number and can’t get that info currently, only create and update that info.

Great work on these BTW!

Thank You.

I literally just stumbled across this. I had thought API access was only available for the Service Desk, but see that it is also available for ITSM for devices. This is great! I’m planning to build integration into a custom app I’m creating for documentation. I’m looking to pull devices and information to dynamically build documentation and keep it up to date. However, the documentation on using the API is a little Barron unless I’m missing it. For example, what information can I retrieve about a device? I assume any and all information displayed in C1 about a device is retrievable? (Name, IP, model, serial, OS, hardware…etc etc)


Hi @eztech,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We saw your support ticket about this and currently working on it. We will reach back to you with updates as soon as possible.

Found another missing one. Under Service Desk, you have Create, Update and Delete Customers, but you have NO “GET” Customer. Standard CRUD operations here seem to be the biggest missing components in many of the API end points. How can I update a customer if I can’t first get the customer to know if/what needs to be updated?

Hi @copperstate
We reached out to the product development team for information about a missing ‘GET’ Customer API in the library. We will update this thread once we get word from the team.

Another missing endpoint needed. We need a get and update “departments” endpoint. I need to be able to update at least the “SLA” and “Manager” fields of a given department after retrieving that info with a get department query.

Another one that would help us work around the lack of business hours versus after hours support tickets, SLA’s, alerts, etc… is to allow us to change the “System” setting for “Default Department”. This would allow us to use an API to trigger based on times and days to move the default SLA from a business hours one, to an after hours one. Each department having it’s own manager who takes care of the call distribution. IE rotating on call person every week per a schedule.
These both would be for Service Desk of course.

Hello @copperstate,

We have coordinated your request to our development team and will keep you posted with the update via this forum page. Thank you