Aplication Store - Some Operations are Failed

I’ve got one end point that appears to be unable to install applications from the application store. The following log is presented in ITSM. All deployed software shows the same errors. Any advice?

2018/07/25 07:17:29 AM    Overall operations fail    Some Operations are failed.

2018/07/25 07:17:28 AM    Operation finished fail    Download failed. Could not open default_script.py for writing

2018/07/25 07:17:25 AM    Operation started    Operation is in progress for Citrix Receiver

2018/07/25 07:17:25 AM    Operation resolve success    Resolving Operation is completed.

2018/07/25 07:17:25 AM    Operation resolve started    Resolving Operation is started.

Hello @curatrix_pl ,

Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email to further investigate the issue.
Please feel free to reply at your convenience.



I was just wondering if anything came of this? Im having the exact same issue on my device for any application in the store.



@twhicks88 ,

We have forwarded @curatrix_pl report to our Developers and have found some possible permission issues on the endpoint from our gathered log report and suggested solutions were presented. We will communicate with you via support ticket via your forum registered email for additional details.

response from C1 support was that it was permissions, however given that this was a clean reset of a machine with a fresh installation, i felt the answer was incorrect. I carried out another reset of the machine and it worked on subsequent completion. My feeling is that it was a corrupted install of the ITSM agent but couldn’t spend time with C1 developers to triage the actual root cause as the user needed their work station back.

We managed to figure it out last night. A file was created in the temp folder, named COMODO but completely blank. It is meant to be set as an empty folder. This may have been from us attempting to deploy the MSI through intune and then run a script for the host and token input. deleted the file, made an empty folder named COMODO and it all works perfectly. Just looking at running a script to do this on the rest of the effected endpoints atm.